In The Office

After writing a post about being lost in translation I thought about other words that have caught me off guard and really made me think.  I’ll be starting a full time position (yes I got a job!!!!) in January and as I found at my internships there is a lot to learn as an American in a British office.

Other bloggers have written about it but one of the major differences is that when you go into the kitchen to get a cup of tea or coffee you need to ask everyone around if they want anything.  If you don’t it’s plain rude!

In my contract it states that I have all bank holidays off.  Bank holidays are national holidays so it could be compared to Memorial Day and July 4th in the States.

I was asked to write down the details of my secondary school and tertiary school.  Umm…What?! Oh you mean college and grad school.  Yeah I’ll do that.

I asked what the dress code was for the office and they told me smart casual.  Smart casual can be taken in so many different ways so I did what any smart person would do…Googled it. Wikipedia considers smart casual as business casual which I totally understand.  It also says women are allowed to wear jewelry jewellry if it complements their outfit (strange if you ask me). I went into the office of my new employer twice and saw everyone wearing jeans so now I’m very confused.  Looks like I’ll be wearing dresses the first week of work until I get the hang of what is ok for the office.

All in all I’ll have to catch on with London Translations quickly which I don’t think will be a problem.

London Blogger Party

Helena and Lauren put together a very successful London Blogger party on Monday.

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It was held at Flat Planet and which is a really cute cafe.  There were about 25 London bloggers so it was great to meet everyone.  I didn’t take any photos…oops!

We even got goodie bags!

Iced Coffee is definitely something I miss.  It just hasn’t caught on here and isn’t that popular.  Maybe it’s because it’s never hot here…?! We received 2 samples of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and I was so excited to try them this morning.

My review…..Love it! I just wish they didn’t put milk in since I’m not a diary person but I’ll survive.  It’s so easy to just pour right from the cartoon into a cup of ice. It’s even sweetened to just the right amount. There is a skinny version and a semi-skimmed version right now.  Retailers are listed on their website if you want to give it a shot.

Overall the event was so much fun and I can’t wait to attend another one soon!

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