Winter Wonderland

Some photos from our hour spent at Winter Wonderland JAM PACKED with people.

The Cake Chimney's cooking.

It’s a lovely carnival but stay away on the weekends and go when it first opens so it’s not so cold.

Dynamic Reformer Pilates Review

I was given 2 free classes at Vita Pilates so I had my first session today.

Tucked away on the small streets of South Kensington you might miss it unless you are actively looking for the purple flag.

Let’s start with a review of the locker room:

-Clean, cozy, relaxing, tranquil
-keys, towels, free wifi, water, coffee, and tea provided for no additional fee
-Nice sized lockers
-Showers, blow dryers, big mirrors


The Studio:

-Clean, good temperature, music at a good volume
-Water and towels provided in studio also
-State of the art reformers
-Small to keep the class intimate

-I don’t have any

I absolutely loved my first shot at reformer pilates.  It was a great workout where I was able to push myself and feel the burn.  This would be an excellent workout to accompany running but it’s a bit expensive to make it a daily habit.

Today I did a legs, bum and arms session which was awesome.

“These sessions are ideal to address all those unwanted wobbly bits as well as increasing your fitness levels. Though a series of targeted exercises you will strengthen, tone and burn fat from your legs, hips, thighs, bottom and arms. And as with all our other sessions the focus is always on the core muscles so you get that extra tummy workout too!” (TAKEN FROM VITA PILATES WEBSITE)

I signed up for another class on Thursday which will be a Foundation class.

“These sessions are suitable for both beginners and intermediates wanting a great whole-body but lower-intensity workout. Ideal if you’re new to Dynamic Pilates, still need to master your technique or are returning after an absence, injury or pregnancy. This workout allows you to master your technique and breathing whilst gradually targeting the core and stabiliser muscles. Beginners will get an introduction to the reformer and the fundamentals of Pilates.” (TAKEN FROM VITA PILATES WEBSITE)

I’ll let you know how the foundation class goes on Thursday.

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