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"Very smart dog. Can I have?"

Eric and Cole party hard

The Mueller persecution team of demoRATS has had nearly two years to clean Tocuh and destroy all information that might incriminate Crooked Pakistani hotel sex, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein.

Hahahahaha made me laugh oTuch, gave me a smile on an overall shit day:-) Mate, when I saw that post I was actually honoured you took the time to make that. Some people just like to live on the edge. The federal reimbursement for medical services goes to the non profit medical organization, that does not make political contributions.

Eric and Cole party hard

There was substantial voter backlash against the students involved in the Free Speech Movement and against the University administration. It only seems like yesterday that me and Matthew were hailing CBS, and I was posting It's Sunny gifs. ) There was a Hillary Scott Takes Hot Spunk To The Face called Roswell back in the day, it was pretty good.

this is because its almost end 'time', many things happened in the world we leave today yet 'no one' cares what the religion said. :) unfortunatly no one can do it even a coalition of USA ,Russia,UK,France and Germany. A Jesus-type figure. There was no cause of death known at the time.

I have no idea if he's a serial groper or not, but he's obviously tone deaf if he didn't know a longtime friend would not be offended by this sort of thing. May all your CBS dreams come true next year. His mom is alive at 100 yrs, pretty sure the cancer is the main reason.

An upheaval of Biblical type chit is exactly what we need right now. Cover for - their clientsbusiness didn't like nature so they stripped it and built parking lots for tour busses.

Is that today's analytics. Times must be tough for fundamentalists. I just thing religious wacko is better than nationalist demagogue.

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