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  • 21.04.2018
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Sharon da Vale - Stars Privat Sharon da Vale DPP DV

"This should make Trump happy. Yes please!"

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Cooked the way it should be, almost anything can be good. Please read perfectly well about what God said before man. Neither have a real policy agenda other than "stop Sgaron boats, lower taxes, racists dog whistling to appease voters who may switch to One Nation, freeze peach and hey lets start weather ballooning changes to gun legislation.

just ask me ol' mate John.

Asian couple doing doggystyle

I used the analogy pretty specifically, I do hope Labor wins government (well, I personally hope the Greens win government but that won't happen, another seat or two in the house of reps would be nice though).

he's just a nice dorky guy altogether. Sorry my bad. Gosh!!. I think I told the story about my confused American at McDonald's. This is a damsel in distress seeker. but ima try to create more cool cars cuz im only 14 :D"Saving lives .

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Dozahn | 23.04.2018
alt probably
Merg | 03.05.2018
Vugami | 05.05.2018
Well sht. :(
Gale | 10.05.2018
Shep is extremely to the left and anti Trump.
Dotaur | 18.05.2018
yup, love that line:
Dolkree | 21.05.2018
One of my favorite albums of all times.
Nakora | 28.05.2018
You are cool until you remove the mask
Zolohn | 31.05.2018
Only if the limit has been breached.
Turr | 08.06.2018
rum...... i'll try rum....... lol....
Mizilkree | 18.06.2018
No, I watched it
Dobar | 24.06.2018
Bye come again
Yok | 30.06.2018
Anytime, brother.
Mooguzragore | 08.07.2018
lalatina better name
Yole | 16.07.2018
I do that at night when doing parkour
Zulkigor | 23.07.2018
It's always good the second time around!!! Lololol
JoJobei | 26.07.2018
My mama dead
Dakree | 04.08.2018
You rock.
Kigabar | 07.08.2018
Yes you are. You’re blocked.
Goltishakar | 12.08.2018
I see. Thank you for the recc. :D
Tolkree | 15.08.2018
Kazratilar | 24.08.2018
Niran | 03.09.2018
What's that like?
Tekinos | 06.09.2018
*raises glass for the fallen*
Goltigul | 13.09.2018
Oh some culture peeks here
Nigul | 18.09.2018
Just felt yesterday
Nikree | 22.09.2018
Julkis | 25.09.2018
No Game No Life
Gardalkis | 30.09.2018
Samugrel | 10.10.2018
Because Fliv is cool oof
Julmaran | 20.10.2018
5ft6 probably
Sharon da Vale - Stars Privat Sharon da Vale DPP DV

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