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  • 09.06.2018
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Catch A Thief


Ass Parade orgy at the gym with Valerie Kay! (ap13727)

At that point Republicans will turn coat and abandon their president, as happened with Nixon. I only mention the Bible because I'm betting these crooks claim to be Christians.

" I knew it !!. The guy has no substance, only regurgitates the lines and scripts he is given.

Ass Parade orgy at the gym with Valerie Kay! (ap13727)

No one is willing to do that. There is no winner. I was wrong. Nice. Its the opposite. Or can it be taken back by the you know who's. I owe no one and nothing on this planet my allegiance.

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Votaxe | 18.06.2018
not even houseki no kuni?
Shazshura | 22.06.2018
Ha! That is from another lifetime.
Nikom | 27.06.2018
Intentional, knowingly false statements.
Mishakar | 29.06.2018
Boy did I love that theme song music!
Shaktimuro | 02.07.2018
We have all had teacher crushes I assume
Dijinn | 09.07.2018
Ya I have seen this before
Met | 13.07.2018
No surprise, they're all Alphas.
Malabar | 20.07.2018
Here’s one way to embrace them:
Shaktilkis | 27.07.2018
Nice. What engine in it Timberwolf?
Mikami | 30.07.2018
ne yaptım ben herkes benden umudu kesiyor
Vutilar | 09.08.2018
Nordic rednecks. Who knew?
Miktilar | 17.08.2018
You rock.
Nikojar | 20.08.2018
Nope nver seen
Donos | 24.08.2018
I was going to college in Virginia. I was in a dorm room alone but it connected by a bathroom to another dorm room with a girl named Angie. It started out small with like a presence there. Then is escalated to a definite temperature change when I would come in the room. Then things started moving. Like a lamp in one place would be in another. I thought the girl Angie was doing it at first. I didn’t know her and I didn’t believe in ghosts. So I started locking the bathroom that connected our rooms. But the stuff kept moving. One night I woke up around 3 and saw her looking through the closet, the ghost. She looked at me and I froze. I couldnt do anything I was so scared. Eventually she left and the next day I called my grandmother. She told me to put a Bible under my pillow and the next time I saw her ask her to leave. So I did and while I never saw her again. I could still feel her from time to time.
Zulunris | 03.09.2018
Bingo! Excellent point. 👍
Tygolmaran | 10.09.2018
Same face. Different place. Poster Boy for FugginCrazy.
Faesida | 11.09.2018
The more the ghastlier!...
Nelmaran | 16.09.2018
Malagul | 24.09.2018
“Yes” is merely just a lie behind words.
Kara | 01.10.2018
Tulkree | 02.10.2018
The ends justify the means
Tarisar | 13.10.2018
Catch A Thief
Catch A Thief
Catch A Thief

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