Burger & Lobster Coming to NYC

Betsy posted an amazing article on facebook last week and I just had to share the news if you haven’t heard already.

I read on GrubStreet.com that Burger & Lobster is coming to New York City in August 2014!!! If you haven’t been then mark your calendars and make sure you get there in August 2014 to see for yourself the goodness and deliciousness of Burger & Lobster.


It was a staple of ours when we lived in London and we always said it should be in NY and I guess someone hear us and made our dream come true.  We literally went once a week usually on Saturdays for lunch.

Here’s the deal. The restaurant has 3 things on the menu.  A burger, a lobster (steamed or broiled) and a lobster roll.  Each item is 20 GBP.

IMG_0469 IMG_0471 IMG_0474

The NYC restaurant will be structured the same way…all 3 items for $20. Might seem high for a lobster roll, low for a steamed lobster and about right for the burger but it all evens out.  My rec would be the lobster roll….it’s too die for!

Have you been to Burger & Lobster? 

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Never Forget

never forget

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12 years ago.  I cannot believe it and will never forget it.

Friday Fone Frenzy: 2 Days Late

Better late than never!

Last weekend I was in NY.

Had brunch with the #besties at Calliope. The photo on the top left is of the german pancake….totally not what we were expecting and I still can’t figure out what was in except for the pool of butter on top.

Fun Fact: Did you know it is illegal to server alcohol before noon on a Sunday in NY?

brunch collage

After a shopping spree for my cousin we all headed to Dylan’s….a must if you are in the city. Dylans Candy Bar

I flew back to Chicago on Monday morning and had a FlyWheel class scheduled for that afternoon.  I walked in and there weren’t shoes in my cubby but little did I know my custom spin shoes were waiting for me behind the desk!!

I received this free pair of shoes because I qualified for the ‘If the shoe fits” promotion.  You had to be a first time rider (Chicago Studios) in January and bike 200+ miles in 60 days.   flywheel shoes

Spring has sprung in Chicago!  I didn’t wear boots on Friday and it was so nice.  The temperature reached 54* and the sun was shinning.  Just wish it would stay like this from now one but I see the weather is saying 40 degrees for next week Spring has Sprung

We went to a friends birthday party last night at Emporium Arcade Bar in Bucktown. This place has all of the old school video games leaving Jon is all his glory.

Does this remind anyone of the Seinfeld episode where George doesn’t want to lose his top score?? video games

How was your week?

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The Day

Jon and I have been newly weds for 4 months now.  I have been debating whether or not I wanted to write about the day, the vendors and the details.  Ultimately I’ve decided not to.  It was perfect and there is no way I could explain it all in words.  Our photographer, Kate Leigh, captured the day through a story and I relive the day with those images everyday.

Wedding Party

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If you have any questions about vendors, how to plan a wedding from 3,000 miles away, or anything at all I’d love to help!  Just email me.  <–Supposed to be a Bride.


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So instead I’ll finally post about the honeymoon this week.  We did 2 week trip to Dubai, Malayasia, and Singapore (half city, half beach). 

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Friday Fone Frenzy: Weekend in NYC

We jetted off to NY for the 3 day weekend.  The flight was so easy we were amazed.  1.5 hours versus the normal 8 hour we were used to = heaven.

We had a 6am flight on Saturday morning with a beautiful view of the city after takeoff. Chicago from the sky

It was about 45 minutes to an hour up in the sky above the clouds.

above the clouds

And before you knew it we were in NY arriving with the Jets.

Jets plane

We saw family and friends, shopped and ate our way through the city.

NY streets

It was also Jon’s 29th birthday (one more year buddy)! We had dinner at Arlington Club which is a must for steak lovers.

Happy birthday Jon Before I knew it I was back at the airport heading back to Chicago.

back to chicago This flight was so easy and quick that we booked several more flights home for quick weekends!  Being back home once a month makes me soooo happy!

How did you spend the 3 day weekend?

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Kate Leigh Photo – Click for Source

Time to marry the love of my life. 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We went home for a week in August and it was by far the busiest week we have had in our lives and also one of the best.

It started on Friday with a weekend full of wedding festivities for our friends, Rachel & Eric.

Sunday was my bridal shower.  It was at Blue Water Grill and was just perfect in every way!!

Monday we had a meeting with the Rabbi,  went to City hall to get our marriage license and did a tasting for our Rehearsal Dinner.

Tuesday we did engagement photos around The High Line and Meatpacking district and met with the band for 3 hours to discuss every detail of the wedding day. Our photographer, Kate Leigh, is AMAZING.  We had so much fun with her walking around NYC for 2 hours.  I just cannot wait to do it again the day of the wedding.  Check out the rest of her work and you will be hooked as well. If you have any questions about her or want to see the rest of our engagement photos (because they are just that awesome) email me!

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One Wednesday we had the tasting for the wedding and organized wedding invites so they could be mailed out on Thursday.

Not a dish we actually chose but it was delicious!

Wedding cake!

Thursday was the day the invitations were mailed out.  Ahhhh!!  I also had my second dress fitting.

I absolutely love our invitations so I’m going to do a separate post on them. Stay tuned.

Friday started the craziest weekend which was our bachelor and bachelorette parties.  Jon’s was in Iceland and I was with my besties in Nashville, Tennessee. INSANE weekend!

Best week ever.  We got so much done and the next time we are home will be for the actually wedding. AHHHHHHHHHH!


2 Minutes Until The Uptown 6 Arrives

Way to go NYC!  You have finally put in countdowns to when trains are arriving. So helpful!

Time Flies

The 2 weeks I spent at home flew by and I can’t believe I’m back in London getting back into my daily schedule.  Our trip home was AMAZING. 2 weeks of family, friends, traveling, wedding stuff, eating, drinking, exploring, laughing and shopping was exactly what I wanted.

New Years 2012

Now I’m enjoying my last week of freedom before I start work on Monday!!!!

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