Jonah is finally here!

At this point you have most likely seen many photos of Jonah on my instagram or on his. Even though he will be 3 weeks old in 2 days I still wanted to recap his birth. It was an incredible experience and I still just stare at Jonah and cannot believe he is finally here.

May 27th (41 weeks 1 day pregnant) started off like a normal day.  We had breakfast, watched TV and made sure the apartment was ready for when we returned home with the baby. We were scheduled for a 2:30pm induction at the hospital so around 2:15pm we jumped in a cab with our bags and were on our way.

We arrived and was told the hospital was a little full but a room should open in an hour so we should take a walk and come back around 3:30pm. The hospital is along the lake front so we walked along the lake for an hour to waste time.

hours before baby born

We went back in to find that the rooms they thought would open were still not open.  People who were actually in labor were getting the rooms before me (which is what should happen!) so we had to wait longer.  We weren’t sure how long it would be so we stuck around in stead of going back home.

4:30pm they sent us down to triage. This way I (and the baby) were being monitored and it put me in “line” for the next available room on the Labor & Delivery floor.  We hung out, read, had some food and then finally at 7:30pm a wheelchair arrived to take me to the L&D floor. It was game time.

Our room on the L&D floor had the most amazing view of Lake Michigan. This photo doesn’t do any justice. The blue “couch” turned into a bed and that’s where Jon slept for a night.

view at prentice hospital

8:30pm the pitocin was in and doing it’s thing.

8:40pm I had an ultrasound down to confirm the baby was in the correct position still and was checked to see how dilated I was…3cm & 50% effaced.

10:15pm my doctor broke my water to speed up the process. It was so casual. I imagined it a whole process but my doctor just sat at the end of the bed and it took about 5 minutes for her to break it. Gushes of water confirmed there was no meconium which is a good thing.

11:25pm The contractions weren’t bad at all. It just felt like a tightening in my left lower back for 30ish seconds and that was it so they upped the pitocin to get things moving along.

2am – The doctor came in to check me and I was 5 cm dilated so the pitocin was working.

2:20am I asked for an epidural so I could sleep since I knew this baby wasn’t coming in the next few hours. This wasn’t bad at all. If you can get the IV put in then you can get an epidural. I wasn’t having bad contractions so I’m sure it’s much different in that situation because you need to stay completely still while they are putting it in. It took about 25 minutes to administer and then Jon came back into the room. The epidural was stronger in my right leg than my left but I was familiar with the feeling since I had a similar experience with my elbow surgery in December. I could move my left leg but couldn’t move my right on my own which was kinda funny.

2:45am I was so itchy from the epidural! The doctor told me this was normal so I tried my best to not scratch and fell asleep shortly after.

Slept until about 5am when the nurse came in to check on me.

9am I was checked and was 10cm dilated! It all happened so quickly.  I wasn’t expecting to be 10cm at all. They started to get the room ready for delivery and by 10am I was ready to push.

10am The doctor told me to try a few practice pushes and then she would come back in an hour or two because normally people push for 3 hours with their first child.  Well I did my first ‘practice’ push and she said “ok nevermind I’m staying right here because he will be here much sooner than we think.” Awesome. We watched The Office in between pushes and just had casual conversation with me, Jon, the doctor and the nurse.  We had some laughs, talked about the specific episode we were watching and then would push whenever I felt a contraction. It was NOTHING like I thought it would be. TV/Movies skews your perception so much. Haha.

10:59am Jonah Alexander arrived. 7lbs 8oz and 22 inches long!

jonah birth

Love at first sight.  bella photography jonah

An hour after he was born we were brought up to the recovery floor where we spend the next 3 days as a family of 3.

Our experience at Prentice Women’s Hospital was absolutely amazing.  Every person who walked into our room was so helpful, kind and caring.  They always introduced themselves and explained what their role was. It made our stay a pleasant one for sure.

*All images belong to A Hop, Skip & Jump To The Midwest unless otherwise stated.

*All images belong to A Hop, Skip & Jump To The Midwest unless otherwise stated.

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